Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Peter Vincent – President/CEO, I-Vogue TV

Peter Vincent is a Nigerian internationally-renowned, multi-talented, highly resourceful, skillful and creative media entrepreneur and social commentator.

A highly sought-after content curator/producer with wealth of experience in handling media projects, logistics and business development.

Following his return from an intentional and insightful media tour to Europe and America in 2014, Peter Vincent ventured into full time TV content production and talent development.

Amongst his numerous investments business and creative productions includes a 30 minutes family oriented television show called I-Vogue on ONTV, which showcases Events, News, Political Updates and General Entertainment. The show cuts across audience predominantly in Nigeria and extends to other countries on the African continent via terrestrial and cable stations namely TVC, ITV Benin, ITV Abuja, Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS), and BCOS Ibadan.  

The versatility and creative ingenuity of Peter Vincent has continued to evolve, such that in 2019, he created a now popular TV magazine called “This is My Lagos”.

This show showcases the success story of the average Nigerian. Other accolades to his belt as a versatile entrepreneur are his active roles as the Chief Executive Officer of Beesmegga Limited, Crunch4 Entertainment Limited, and Beesmega Venture. Peter Vincent has a commendably strong interest in philanthropy, he also loves sports, travelling, reading and entertainment.