Wednesday, October 20, 2021


As media consumption takes on a whole new dimension, there comes a need to bridge the gap between the old and the new. With this in mind, I-Vogue TV set out to provide quality programming.

Designed as an innovative, family-oriented TV channel, I-Vogue TV is dedicated to spreading the uniqueness of Nigeria to the world through its cutting-edge broadcasting medium, leveraging the latest technology to provide the best viewer experience.

I-Vogue TV offers a wide array of programming to suit different audiences. From sports to entertainment, politics, human interest programmes and more.
I-Vogue TV is dedicated to reinforcing the ethos of the broadcast media. This it demonstrates with its array of highly trained presenters who keep to the ethics of the profession, taking into cognizance such elements as balance and objectivity.

With entertainment as its thrust, I-Vogue TV provides news and entertainment on Nigeria not just for the local audience but also for the international community.

Presently the programme airs on TVC, ITV Benin, ITV Abuja, Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS), and BCOS Ibadan. It can also be on the cable platform, ONTV with other cable platforms soon to come on board.

To this end, it has so far reached more than 80 million people weekly on its platform in Southwest Nigeria and Abuja, the Federal Capital on both terrestrial and cable TV while its online platforms continues to reach millions of people across the world.

With the proliferation of TV stations, I-Vogue TV stands itself out for its creative excellence in storytelling, and unique programming style especially as it works with exceptional talents.
With I-Vogue TV, innovation meets cutting edge technology.