Chizzy OluikpeSocietal pressure needs to be more Realistic when it comes to post partum body and understand that Women have different bodies- Chizzy Oluikpe.

Published Author of the book “Once upon a Mother” Chizzy Oluikpe in a recent video chat with Moe on iVogue TV, “Vogey Lifestyle” Spoke about Herself, how she got the inspiration to write her Book “Once Upon a Mother ” despite formerly being a Marketing Communication Specialist and an Account Manager”, The pressures of the society on new mothers and Motherhood in general.

Her Book which has less the 50 pages and 10 Chapters took only 3 Months for the write-ups but got delayed for a few months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, talks about Mothers, especially new mother’s taking time to adjust to their new bodies and wanting to have a snap back so fast due to what the society says. She confirms it’s ok to work things out with one’s body at one’s pace and not rush the process as every woman’s body is different. Moe also affirms that every labour experience is not the same as she recounts her first labour Experience in the Chat.

Chizzy also talked about disciplining of children and how the two parents have to be on the same page to train their Child. She is of the belief that the offense of a child should be commensurate to the mood of punishment. She is also of the opinion to Talk to the children, let them know their mistakes, correct them and show them Love.

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